Joseph Mora


Greeley, CO


Hola and Welcome!

I started painting and drawing when I started my art education at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. I taught at Valley High School (Gilcrest, Colorado) in the 70s. After that, I moved to Madrid, Spain where I taught drafting and architectural drawing part-time for Central Texas College and full time for the Department of Defense, Industrial Arts, 1st thru 8th grade. In the early 80's I transferred to Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa, I taught grades 1-12 in a variety of areas: Photography, Industrial Arts, Painting, Pottery, Sculpture, Wood Working, Commercial Arts, Graphic Design, Industrial Technology and a number of other areas. The best part about these jobs is I was paid to do what I love! Now that I am retired, I continue to learn new things and pursue my art. I am enjoying doing lapidary, jewelry making, stained glass, water color and whatever else comes along.

I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling throughout my years working overseas. On this web page you may stumble across work I have done in Okinawa, Japan, India, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, China, Spain, Germany, Potugal, Tangier, Morocco and who knows where else. In retirement, I have been enjoying being a tourist in the United States of America - we have visited Chimayo, New Mexico, Utah, California and other stops along the way. I can't wait to add new things to this site.

Arts, Crafts & Things webpage provides a way to share and sell my artwork at a reasonable price, along with other merchandise. It is great that I can do this in the comfort of my home and enjoy retired life. I can share my artwork with all over the World!

And guess what - You do not have to leave your home to spend some time checking out what I have here.

I hope and believe something will catch your eye! Perhaps you will purchase an original painting or photograph or a Giclee Prints (pronounced "gee clay" ). Maybe you will like one of my works, be it a photograph, limited print, custom/commission work, a family photograph restored, or something else to brighten your day.

So again ~ E Komo Mai (Welcome in Hawaiian) to my page and enjoy!



One The Boss by Joseph Mora


Taj Mahal framed by Joseph Mora


Taj Mahal Silhouette by Joseph Mora


View of Taj Mahal by Joseph Mora


Robert modeling by Joseph Mora


Obama Wins by Joseph Mora


PJ ROCKS USA by Joseph Mora


Color Glasses by Joseph Mora


Our Future Rock ON by Joseph Mora


Goldie by Joseph Mora


Still Life by Joseph Mora


The King by Joseph Mora


Ballons or twin Bees by Joseph Mora


Dawn Patrol by Joseph Mora


Really Suns up Patrol by Joseph Mora


Dawn Patrol by Joseph Mora


Dawn Patrol Focusing by Joseph Mora


Koi Hiroshima by Joseph Mora


Snowy Night by Joseph Mora


Street Person Kadena by Joseph Mora


White Beach Pacific Ocean by Joseph Mora


Traffic Mirror by Joseph Mora


Taj mahal by Joseph Mora


Buddah by Joseph Mora


Monks by Joseph Mora


Family off to Shop by Joseph Mora


Gold by Joseph Mora


Prayers at Chimayo by Joseph Mora


Made it to Chimayo by Joseph Mora


New Mexico Plein Air Study by Joseph Mora


New Mexico Lanscape by Joseph Mora


Road to Chimayo by Joseph Mora


Plein Air at Aspen by Joseph Mora


Window Shopping in Aspen by Joseph Mora


Fishing View at Grand Lake by Joseph Mora


Grand Lake Aspen by Joseph Mora


The Stud by Joseph Mora


Peak to Peak by Joseph Mora


Spanish Peaks by Joseph Mora


Yucca and Huajatolla Peaks by Joseph Mora


Aspen and Spanish Peaks by Joseph Mora


Spanish peaks study 2 by Joseph Mora


Spanish Peaks study by Joseph Mora